Dangerous property is too rarely cited as a reason behind serious injuries and wrongful death, although such dangerous conditions are often a hidden cause. The personal injury lawyers of Means Gillis Law, PC are experienced at investigating cases to discover whether a dangerous element of a piece property contributed to an injury or death.

Our attorneys have prosecuted a number of cases for which dangerous elements to property turned out to be at fault. In one case, a fire in an apartment building killed our clients’ family members. The fire was found to be, in part, attributable to especially flammable carpets. In other cases, we have prosecuted franchisees of large hotel chains for not providing sufficient safety equipment at their swimming pools, which led to drowning.

Because of our firm’s reputation and ability, we typically take on large-scale litigation. A team of attorneys, with one lead attorney, will be responsible for each case, working closely with clients to ensure that their needs, both legal and medical, are addressed.