We have a dedicated practice group to handle collisions involving commercial motor vehicles, such as tractor trailers, 18 wheelers, combination trucks, dump trucks, garbage trucks, delivery trucks, and buses. Most commercial motor vehicles, their drivers, and the motor carriers that own or lease the trucks and hire the drivers are subject to certain Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and state regulations beyond what applies to regular automobiles and non-commercial drivers.


Tractor Trailer and Other Truck Accidents

We have handled cases resulting from collisions involving automobiles and a very wide variety of commercial trucks, including 18 wheelers, dump trucks, garbage trucks, and delivery trucks.


Bus Accidents

We have handled many cases involving bus crashes all over the country. Cases that we have handled include crashes involving charter buses, school buses, and common carrier buses such as Greyhound. These bus crashes have been caused by a wide spectrum of issues and faults, and our experienced team of attorneys, investigators, and experts are aggressive in determining fault and holding those at fault accountable.


Train Accidents

We have handled train related accidents resulting in injuries and deaths involving vehicles, pedestrians, and railroad workers. In the case of railroad workers, such injuries and deaths are subject to the Federal Employer Liability Act (“FELA”).