Surfaces that Commonly Lead to Slip and Fall Injuries

That nasty banana peel is not the only hazard out there that can cause a slip and fall injury.  In fact, there are certain types of walking surfaces that can commonly lead to slip and falls.  Sidewalks, store entrances, interior flooring surfaces and others can create a hazard, even in the absence of a foreign […]

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Can I Sue a Relative in an Auto Accident Case?

There is a unique legal issue that may arise in auto accident cases.  If you are injured in an auto accident, you can file a personal injury lawsuit against the person who is at fault.  But what if that person is a family member?  Although it may not happen very often, it can happen.  Your […]

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Injuries Caused by Defective Airbags

Although many studies have established the value of airbags in saving lives during a car crash, an airbag is only as safe as it is effective.  When an airbag has manufacturing defects, it can cause more injuries that it prevents.  Lawsuits based on defective airbags, as well as manufacturer recalls of airbags, are far more […]

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