Understanding the Defense of Contributory Negligence in Alabama

Personal injury claims are generally based on someone else’s negligence.  In other words, you are injured because someone else acted negligently and caused you to be injured in some way.  If you can prove your claim, that is – prove that the other person was negligent and caused your injury, then you may be entitled […]

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Challenges in Proving Manufacturing Defects

If you have been injured while using a product that you purchased, you may have a product liability claim.  These types of injuries are not uncommon, as thousands of consumers are injured each year from using a defective product.  There are three basic types of defective product cases: manufacturing defects, design defects and failure to […]

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What you Need to Know about Catastrophic Brain Injuries

When you hear the word “catastrophic” you know it must be something serious.  Generally speaking, a catastrophic injury is an injury so severe that it leads to either a long-term medical condition, a permanent disability or shorter life expectancy.  There are various different types of catastrophic injuries commonly associated with personal injury claims.  One example […]

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